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SEO & Marketing Campaign

5 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips for Small Business

There was a time when small businesses only had to worry about advertising on a local scale. However, Google’s focus on local search results means having an online presence is more important than ever, especially if you want to beat the competition.

That being said, here is a look at five killer SEO landing page tips for small business owners who are looking to establish an online presence for their company. Companies that are looking for assistance in creating a landing page, or managing the SEO of their site, can turn to resources such as for assistance.

Keywords in Page Titles and tags

The most crucial element to any SEO campaign is to discover and properly use the keywords that your potential customers may search when they are seeking out a business such as yours. Then it is all about getting these keywords into places such as your page titles, H1/2/3 tags and even your URL if possible.


Alt Tags in Relation to Images

Many people are not aware of how alt tags work in relation to images. Here is a useful guide. But, we can explain it briefly. When you are adding images to your site, those images are a major part of how search engines will incorporate your site into results pages. However, search engines cannot search images, but they can search the alt tag text that is placed in relation to the image. It is important for the alt tag text to adequately describe the image and its relation to the rest of the page.


Word Count and Keyword Density

When you are creating landing pages and the rest of the website, it is important to include a good amount of text in the appropriate spots. While you do not want to bombard your site visitors with text and explanations, you also want to make sure they have enough information about your products or services, and your website. And this text must include appropriate keywords at a one or two percent density.


Effective Meta Descriptions

When you search for a site on Google, you are often greeted by a page title, a short description and the site’s URL. The short description is called a meta description, and it is vital to craft the meta description properly if you want to get more people onto your site through search engines. Here is a great article explaining meta descriptions and how they work. Not only will the meta description help convince people to click on your link, but it also assists in where you are placed on the results page relative to other sites and similar businesses.

  • On June 27, 2017


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